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Dissolvable stitches can lead to significant complications

You had to have surgery, and you were pleased to find out that everything went well. You went home and rested for a few days, feeling fine. On around the sixth day out of the hospital, you started to notice unusual discoloration appearing around the stitches. The next day, you had what appeared to be a minor rash.

You called your doctor, and they said that they believed it was just a reaction to the material the stitches were made from. So, you took allergy medications like they asked and tried to wait long enough that the stitches would dissolve and stop bothering you.

The next day, you couldn’t stand the itching and pain you were having. You noticed your stitch looked different, too. You went to the doctor’s office, and they dismissed the issue. They claimed that you just had a rash from some gauze and a potential reaction to the stitches that would resolve.

That’s why you are so mad now. You ended up back at the hospital with a serious allergic reaction and infection. Your body rejected the stitches that had been used internally, and you had a raging infection that should have been treated days ago. The hospital’s staff was mortified.

It is possible to have complications from stitches used during an operation, and medical providers should be aware of the risks. While some irritation is normal, if skin is splitting apart or rashes are breaking out, it’s always a cause for concern. Your health care needs should always be put first, especially with all you’ve recently been through. If you feel that you were neglected as a patient or are a victim of malpractice, then you may want to look into your legal options.