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Take Legal Action Against The Misdiagnosis Of A Heart Attack Or Stroke


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The accurate and prompt diagnosis of a heart attack or stroke can often be the difference between life and death, or the continuation of a healthy life and one of disability. It is certainly possible to experience a heart attack or stroke and go on to live a healthy life.

Unfortunately, people who suffer strokes and heart attacks sometimes go undiagnosed, and that can lead to debilitating, life-altering injuries — even after what may have been a very minor heart attack or stroke. If you or a family member has left a hospital, emergency room or urgent care facility undiagnosed after experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, you should contact our law firm immediately if symptoms reoccur or any unusual health issue develops.

At Leeseberg & Valentine, we recognize unique misdiagnosis of heart attack and stroke cases. Based in Columbus, we handle some of the most complex cases of medical malpractice in Ohio, and our firm is well-known for recovering record-breaking verdicts and settlements. Our founding attorneys are both certified civil trial advocates by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and we consult with some of the world’s top cardiologists who also serve as expert witnesses on behalf of our clients.

How Does A Doctor Fail To Diagnose A Heart Attack?

  • Misdiagnosis as acid reflux, a pulled muscle, poor circulation or another benign condition
  • Overlooking symptoms because of a patient’s otherwise good health
  • Failure to order proper diagnostic tests
  • Failure to interpret test results correctly
  • Failure to conduct a proper physical exam or medical history
  • Failure to prescribe appropriate medication

How Does A Doctor Fail To Diagnose A Stroke?

  • Overlooking symptoms because the patient is young or otherwise does not fit the usual profile of a stroke victim
  • Misdiagnosis as a migraine headache, inner ear infection, low blood sugar or seizure
  • Failure to properly monitor blood-thinning medications

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