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Brain And Head Injuries


Columbus, Ohio, Brain And Head Injury Lawyers

Head and brain injuries can have lasting effects that range from the serious to the devastating. Leeseberg & Valentine attorneys regularly work together with the top expert witnesses in traumatic head and brain injuries to ensure that your case has the best chance of success with a jury.

If you or a loved one has suffered trauma to the brain, the long-term consequences can be devastating. Head injuries that initially seemed insignificant can become much worse than they originally appeared. This can result in significant personality changes, mobility issues and even death.

People who have suffered head and brain injuries may have short- or long-term memory loss as well as effects on sensory functions that can lead to the inability to care for themselves. Another negative effect of brain injuries is the potential effect on a victim’s personality including mood swings and lack of emotional control, which can lead to potential long-term substance abuse issues.

While the extent of a brain injury may seem subjective, you should trust a seasoned attorney to determine the impact on someone’s life. A panel of jurors may not recognize the significance of personality changes or memory loss is directly due to the head injury. To ensure your case has the best chance of success with a jury, we regularly work with the top expert witnesses available. Along with professional expert witnesses, we also use friends, family members and co-workers to convey to jurors about even the smallest personality changes and how the life has changed for the head trauma victim.

At Leeseberg & Valentine, we take pride in fighting for our clients to get the compensation they deserve when dealing with head and brain trauma accidents. Contact us today at 800-976-2226 and speak to one of our law firm’s partners about your case.