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Vehicle Accidents


Columbus, Ohio, Auto Accident Attorneys

Leeseberg & Valentine attorneys help people get compensation for serious injuries incurred in vehicle accidents. We have gained recognition as a leading Ohio trial law firm, and one that passionately and aggressively advocates for the injured and their families.

Vehicle accidents typically involve all types of road transportation including: cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. The common causes usually involve negligent or reckless driving, malfunctioning traffic lights or signs, poorly designed roads, and vehicle design flaws or tire defects. These types of vehicular accidents account for the majority of substantial property damage and serious injury accidents.

The process of determining the possible causes of a vehicle accident can often be complicated. This may require the assistance of vehicular accident re-constructionists, design engineers and other qualified experts. In most cases, the driver is at fault and is accountable for the vehicular accident. However, there are instances when negligence is on the part of another party, and the person at fault becomes liable for the damage or injuries caused. These parties include (but are not limited to): auto manufacturers, maintenance and repair shops, as well as the state or municipality that maintains roads, bridges and signs.

The vehicle accident law provides the opportunity for the victim(s) to seek financial recovery by receiving proper compensation that allows them to recover to the same condition as they were before the accident. In serious cases where the injury is due to one’s recklessness or irresponsible behavior (e.g. a defective product) that the manufacturer should have corrected, “punitive damages” may be given to the responsible individual(s). Typically punitive damages for negligence are for (but not limited to): scarring, disfigurement, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

At Leeseberg & Valentine, we take pride in fighting for our clients to get the compensation they deserve when dealing with any type of vehicle accident. Contact us today at 800-976-2226 and speak to one of our law firm’s partners about your case.