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Craig Tuttle Receives COAJ President's Award

Last month, the Central Ohio Association for Justice ("COAJ") suprised associate attorney Craig S. Tuttle with this year's President's Award. Each year at the annual Membership Luncheon, the COAJ selects one person to recieve this award in recognition of his outstanding professional service and generous committment to the association.

4 Things parents should know about birth injury lawsuits

When a child is born, doctors and medical staff should be able to predict potential problems before they happen and take steps to prevent life-altering birth injuries. However, injuries occur all too often, and parents don't necessarily recognize their own power to fight back until it is too late. A Huffington Post writer with cerebral palsy recently explained the impact his birth injury has had on his life. He also shared the following four points in hopes of giving parents a head start when considering legal action: 

Leeseberg & Valentine Secures Largest Settlement in History Against City of Columbus

The medical malpractice attorneys at Leeseberg & Valentine obtained a $1.2 million settlement against the City of Columbus for their client. This is the largest personal injury payout in city history and sets an important legal precedent that will hold public employees responsible for their egregious conduct. This settlement exceeds the prior record payment of $1 million, which was also obtained by Leeseberg & Valentine, in the case of Wagner v. City of Columbus, on behalf of a young boy electrocuted by a defective lamp post on one of the City's bridges.

In January 2011, Sonia Bray was undergoing imaging at an MRI facility when she vomited and began to feel distressed. An MRI facility employee called 911 and City of Columbus paramedics responded to the scene. Over the next ten minutes, two paramedics did little to nothing to help Ms. Bray. They eventually loaded her onto a cot, yet still provided essentially no care for another 15 minutes. Finally, 25 minutes after arriving on scene, the paramedics attempted to place Ms. Bray into the ambulance to transport her to the hospital. At that time, she suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. While she was resuscitated, she unfortunately suffered significant brain injury as a result of the arrest. She died two days later.

Depression as a complication of heart surgery: what you need to know

"Complications" is a term that doctors use a lot to refer to things that can go wrong. For surgery, there a number of these things that commonly occur, including infections, blood clots and after-effects from anesthesia.

What isn't commonly known, however, is that depression can be a complication after major surgery, particularly heart surgery.

In this post, we will inform you the issue of depression as a complication of surgery.

Solving the problem of fatigue-related medical mistakes

Today's society has benefited greatly from medical science and the hard work of doctors and other medical professionals. Unfortunately, many medical professionals are regularly required to work extremely long hours. While most people would consider a 12-hour shift a long day, doctors are often asked to work for 24-36 hours.

Essentially, they work to the point of exhaustion.

Being asked to work while deeply fatigued takes its toll - not only on the doctors themselves, but also on the patients they serve. Too many medical mistakes happen because of fatigue.

Cardiac consciousness: gender differences in the diagnosis of heart conditions

A certain type of massive heart attack strikes men so often that is often called the "widowmaker."

But did you know that serious heart conditions are more likely to be misdiagnosed in women than in men?

In this post, we will inform you about recent research showing this is the case.

Gerry Leeseberg Named Top Lawyer in Central Ohio

GSL Columbus CEO Award.jpgGerry Leeseberg was once again named a top lawyer in central Ohio by Columbus CEO Magazine. As one of the premier medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys in Ohio, he has a reputation of always putting his clients first and holding defendant tortfeasors accountable for their actions. Please join us in congratulating him on this well deserved honor!

Cancer and medical errors: an FAQ

Admitting the frequency of medical errors is difficult for the mind to do.

After all, these errors occur in a health care system to which we entrust ourselves and our loved ones for care. To keep anxiety at bay, you naturally want to believe the best about this system.

Unfortunately, evidence of errors continues to accumulate. And of course when the error involves failure to diagnose cancer, the consequences are potentially life-threatening.

In this post, we will address some common questions about cancer and medical errors.

The terrible 'never event' mistake that surgeons still make

It is amazing to think that surgical tools as small as screws and sponges can harm the human body so much when surgeons accidently leave them behind after an operation. This type of medical malpractice is considered so preventable that experts call it a "never event," or an error doctors should never make.

Still, surgical teams do sometimes commit this mistake, though it is thankfully rare. Healthcare Finance reports that patients wake up with surgical instruments inside them just once every 5,500 procedures. But these errors are nevertheless a huge drain on the healthcare system, costing about $2.4 billion per year in corrective surgeries and legal costs.

Overprescribing in Ohio: What is being done to stop the opioid epidemic?

Ohio's epidemic of lethal drug overdoses is still ongoing. The toll has been truly terrible - and has been building for years.

After all, it was way back in 2007 that unintentional drug poisoning first moved ahead of car crashes as the most common cause of death due to injury in Ohio. Most of these poisoning deaths involve prescription drug overdoses.

What are the state and the medical profession doing to respond? In this post, we will address that question.

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