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OAJ Quarterly – Court of Claims Payments

Who picks up the tab in the Court of Claims anyway? It matters to you and your clients! By: Craig S. Tuttle, Esq. As Ohio’s General Assembly continues to propose and enact new legislation providing cover from civil liability for state employees or agents, we as practitioners are seeing the practical impact of that legislation: […]

Proposed Alternatives To Malpractice Litigation Threaten Right to Jury Trial

Even when medical malpractice occurs and causes serious injury and death, a lawsuit rarely follows. When a lawsuit is filed, that generally results in an out of court settlement, or a jury trial if the case goes all the way to court. However, there’s an alternative being proposed by Ohio Representative Jim […]

Injured by a Doctor? You May Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

People make mistakes. Unfortunately, that means doctors don’t always get things right – that’s why the “practice” of medicine is called an art and not a science. If you’ve been injured by a doctor, either by an honest mistake or a doctor’s negligence, you may need a medical […]

Medical Malpractice Lawyers and Personal Injury Lawyers Honored as Super Lawyers

For the 11th consecutive year, the medical malpractice lawyers and personal injury lawyers at Leeseberg & Valentine have earned the distinction of being named “Super Lawyers.”  Congratulations to Gerald Leeseberg and Anne Valentine for being named Super Lawyers. Both were honored among the Top 50 lawyers in Columbus.

Super Lawyers is a […]

Should we hire a lawyer? The Hospital where our mother died has apologized and wants to talk with us.

I would always recommend that a family in your situation be represented by legal counsel. The hospital will most certainly have their legal counsel present at any meetings to represent the interests of the hospital and their insurance carrier; there is no reason or benefit to your family to not have an attorney as […]