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Ex-Congressman Planning Malpractice Suit Against Federal Government

Steve LaTourette, an ex-congressman from Ohio, is planning to sue the federal government for malpractice. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, and contends that his diagnosis could have been made much earlier if he would have been given crucial information on his health status. LaTourette was admitted to the hospital […]

Johns Hopkins’ Physician Sexual Misconduct Case is Costing the Hospital $190M

While most people put a lot of trust in their doctors, medical professionals are only human. Some of them make mistakes, and occasionally one of them will do something that seems both terrible and intentional. Such was the case with Dr. Nikita Levy, a gynecologist who recorded his patients in secret during […]

OAJ Quarterly – Court of Claims Payments

Who picks up the tab in the Court of Claims anyway? It matters to you and your clients! By: Craig S. Tuttle, Esq. As Ohio’s General Assembly continues to propose and enact new legislation providing cover from civil liability for state employees or agents, we as practitioners are seeing the practical impact of that legislation: […]

Proposed Alternatives To Malpractice Litigation Threaten Right to Jury Trial

Even when medical malpractice occurs and causes serious injury and death, a lawsuit rarely follows. When a lawsuit is filed, that generally results in an out of court settlement, or a jury trial if the case goes all the way to court. However, there’s an alternative being proposed by Ohio Representative Jim […]

Injured by a Doctor? You May Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

People make mistakes. Unfortunately, that means doctors don’t always get things right – that’s why the “practice” of medicine is called an art and not a science. If you’ve been injured by a doctor, either by an honest mistake or a doctor’s negligence, you may need a medical […]