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Gerald S. LeesebergGerald S. Leeseberg Gerry Leeseberg is a partner at the firm of Leeseberg & Valentine and is well known as being one of the most successful trial lawyers in Ohio. Gerry has represented…
Anne M. ValentineAnne M. ValentineAnne Valentine is a Board Certified Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. She has devoted her professional career to the representation…
Craig S. TuttleCraig S. Tuttle Craig Tuttle joined Leeseberg & Valentine in 2011 as a Columbus medical malpractice lawyer and personal injury lawyer. Prior to joining the firm, Craig gained…
 John MarkusJohn A. Markus John Markus joined Leeseberg & Valentine in October 2015 as an associate attorney focusing his practice on medical malpractice and personal injury law….

A note to the Partners from a local juror:

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your kind response and further questions. I consider it to be a privilege to provide input, thanks for asking!
The reason why I sent the card and note to you and Gerry was because I was so impressed with the honesty, respectfulness and integrity in how you both conducted yourselves in this process. As a fellow citizen, I felt respected during the entire process, never talked “down to”, or hammered to death with the obvious facts. Both of your compassion for people showed throughout.
During the voir dire process I appreciated the fact you spoke of money. It gave me clarity of what we would be deciding under the law. The money issue, or request in my opinion was never presented in an over-reaching manner. The questions during the voir dire were appropriate and probing, they needed to be and it was done with respect. I honestly cannot think of any other questions you could have asked.

Thank you for the clarity you provided in the closing arguments, it did help us in the process. At all times you and Gerry exhibited true professionalism. Your attire and interactions were impeccable. At no time did I sense you either to be a distraction in the process. All of us jurors had this same impression of you both.
The only thing that comes to mind for future is for you both to continue in the way you both practice law with integrity. A person can usually sense genuineness a mile away and you both exhibit it! It’s not something you learn in a book and that is why I felt compelled to comment because to see such character was refreshing.
God bless both of you as you continue to help others.

Lisa Ryan

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$44.5 million Verdict for injured 9 year-old in Franklin County, Ohio

$8 Million Settlement for 18 Patients who took Baycol

$6.5 Million Franklin County Wrongful Death and Survivorship Jury Verdict

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